21% of New Parents Take Baby Abroad in First Year

21% of New Parents Take Baby Abroad in First Year

A new piece of research by a UK based online travel agency has shown that 21% of new parents will take their baby on holiday abroad within their first year. Mainland Spain has been shown to be the most popular destination, with Majorca and the South of France next. On average, families will spend £2,950 on their holiday, and 54% also take the child’s grandparents.

New research has shown that children experience their first holiday at an increasingly young age. A recent poll showed that 21% of parents take their baby abroad on holiday before they are one year old. Additionally, parents have reported that the experience overall was ‘easier than expected’.

A UK based online travel agency, Sunshine.co.uk, has been engaged in an ongoing study of the holiday habits of British people. They have specifically looked at new parents for this piece, interviewing 2,199 adults, all of whom became first-time parents in the past five years. A number of questions were asked about their holiday experience since their child was born.

All participants were first asked ‘How soon after the birth of your first child did you take your baby on holiday abroad?’. To this, 53% said they hadn’t done so yet. 21%, however, said they had done so within the child’s first year of life. 16% stated their first time was when the child was between one and three. 10% waited until their child was between the ages of four and five.

Out of those who had taken their child abroad in the first year, 54% said that at least one grandparent had come along. 26% brought friends with them. Just 20% went without any friends or family members.

Those who had taken their baby abroad in the first year were then asked about the cost of the trip, with the average being calculated at £2,950. Sunshine also wanted to look into where these people would go on holiday, so participants were asked to reveal their destinations. This showed that the top 5 overseas destinations for taking a baby on holiday in their first year were:

  1. Mainland Spain, where 16% of people who took part in the Sunshine study went.
  2. Majorca, a destination of choice for 12% of people participating in the research.
  3. The South of France, for 10% of people taking part in the poll.
  4. Tenerife, in 8% of cases.
  5. Portugal, popular with 6% of people who took part in the survey.

Out of those who took their baby abroad in their first year of life, 89% stated they travelled by airplane. Furthermore, 55% of the people in that category admitted that they had found that the overall experience was actually ‘easier than expected’.

Chris Clarkson, Managing Director of sunshine.co.uk, said the following:

“The idea of taking a small baby on holiday, especially if a flight is involved, can be daunting. However, I’ve done it myself and can honestly say it’s not as bad as some of the stories you might hear. As long as you’re really prepared, you can have a great holiday. As a dad of three young girls, I’d go as far as to say that it’s actually easier to take a small baby abroad than a toddler!

“I wasn’t surprised that many parents choose to take their child’s grandparents or some friends on holiday with them for baby’s first trip because it can enable mum and dad to have a bit of downtime if they’re so kind as to volunteer to look after the little one!”

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