5 Things You Must do When Visiting Miami

5 Things You Must do When Visiting Miami

If you are lucky enough to ever visit Miami, you will need to make sure you make the most of your stay, however long it is, as there is plenty to do and see. Miami is well-known for its golden sandy beaches, huge nightclubs, and a busy city life. But what else is there to do in Miami other than visiting the range of beaches on offer? Have a look at the five other things you must do when visiting Miami below:

Hire a Limo Service:

One of the best experiences when going to Miami is the ability to take advantage of a Miami Airport limo service which will take you to all of the nice places in Miami. Doing this straight from the airport is the perfect way to transfer to your hotel and see all of the nice parts of Miami on your way. It could be a bit expensive, but the chances are, you are only ever going to visit Miami once, so you might as well make it a trip to remember.

Miami Zoo:

Whether you are a big animal lover or not, taking the time to visit Zoo Miami is a must while you are in the city. With over 2000 animals to look at, it’s the attraction that is going to give you a lot of great photos to take home with you. Not only that, but Zoo Miami is a lot different to the other zoos around, and it is actually more like a safari than a zoo, because the animals are in a cage-less environment which gives the animals a similar setting to their home.

Bayside Marketplace:

If you are into your shopping, the Bayside Marketplace cannot be missed during your Miami stay. The Bayside Marketplace is like your standard city mall, except it is located on the bay and is outside, giving you the chance to take in the sun while having a look through the windows of your favorite stores. The marketplace has over 150 shops to check out so you will be able to kill a few hours in the day here with ease.

Miami Heat:

Even if you aren’t a big basketball fan, going to the American Airline Arena to watch the local Miami Heat do their business is the perfect night time entertainment which will provide a great atmosphere. The stadium itself can hold more than 19,000 people so you can be sure you are going to be able to soak up some of the local atmosphere during your time in Miami. The stadium also has many shops, restaurants and bars to take advantage of before and after the game takes place, giving you a chance to buy some Miami Heat merchandise.

Miami Seaquarium:

The Miami Seaquarium is where things get interesting when it comes to sea life. This is the place to see dolphins, killer whales, sea lions, and many other sea animals up close. You will benefit from the many different shows on offer and have the chance to get close to animals you would not usually.

There are many other things to do and see when visiting Miami, and how long you stay will probably determine what is best to do, but doing any of the above will definitely see to it that you make the most of your stay.

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