6 Travel Tips to Plan a Budget-Friendly Beach Vacation

6 Travel Tips to Plan a Budget-Friendly Beach Vacation

6 Travel Tips to Plan a Budget-Friendly Beach Vacation

Do you dream of visiting sandy beaches and dipping your toes into chilling water? But are you worried about the budget?

Fortunately, a beach vacation won’t cost you a fortune. Here are some tips to help you beat the heat with a budget-friendly beach vacation.

1) Plan a Budget: 

The first step is to plan an affordable budget. Since you know your summer vacation dates in advance, it makes sense to prepare a budget keeping in mind the major expenses starting from the transportation – determine whether you are going to travel by air or road. In case you’re taking a road trip, make sure to calculate the maximum distance that you might probably cover during the trip and write down the gas estimates for your car or rental car hires. Don’t forget to include the public transportation expenses at your destination.

Transport will be your major expense. Once that’s planned, the next step is to prepare a budget for other expenses such as the entrance fee, seaside shopping, boardwalk activities, and dining. Visit destination review forums and get answers from tourists who have already been there as to what a realistic budget would be.

2) Pack Things Up:

You don’t have to tour the world to have a great beach vacation. All you need to do is look up the web for a list of family-friendly beaches in your state or country and pick the one that you feel will give you the best experience.Make a plan as to how you would like to enjoy your time at the beach on a budget. Some fun ways include packing a picnic lunch, carry snacks, and curling up on a beach towel. Carrying your own stuff can help reduce your travel expenses by 10%-15%. If you have your own adventure activity gears, pack them up as well.If you are an entertainment lover, then look for party beaches instead of family beaches. They are full of music, games, and drinks that are ideal for the party freaks and night owls. If you wish to learn a thing or two about how the experience would be like, check out the best party beaches in the world.

3)Avoid Peak Times:

Avoid visiting the beach during the peak days of the season i.e. on festival days and public holidays. Memorial Day and Labor Day are among the busiest days in the calendar of a beach vacation. The rates are peaked up and the beaches are overcrowded, so you don’t get to enjoy like you would during the less populated days.

4) Avoid Luxury Beaches:

It’s not always necessary that you visit the renowned beaches in the country. Myrtle Beach, Clearwater Beach, and Miami Beach will give you great experience but they will also cost you more than a regular beach. For a change, avoid hitting the luxury beaches and instead choose the less popular budget friendly beaches in the United States. This takes a lot of research, but don’t forget that cheap beach vacations do exist.

5) Rent a Condo or Vacation Home:

Booking a room at the hotels near the beach is an expensive affair. It’s not always right that good stay comes at great hotels. If you are on a week-long vacation, then you could rent a condo or vacation home instead of a hotel. Look around for homes that are a mile or two away from the beach. They will not only allow you to save money on accommodation but also give you a great cooking experience as most of the homes will have a readymade kitchen set up where you can prepare your own meals. Again, on a budget!

6) Plan Individual Priorities:

Whether you are going as a family or a large group, it’s important that you keep everyone’s interest in mind and plan a budget accordingly. For example, women and kids might be interested in visiting beaches that have less intense waves, lifeguards, and convenient restrooms, but teenagers would love adventure activities like surfing and snorkeling. Men might prefer attending activity lessons – ask the local authorities if there is any discount. Kids would love to play with their beach toys in the sand and the elders might just love going for a walk.The preferences of each individual might differ and so does the budget for each activity. Make sure to plan a budget keeping all these in mind. Even the sunscreen expense should be noted down in your budget diary.

Conclusion: Beating the heat with an enjoyable beach vacation shouldn’t be expensive if you plan well and substitute the costly options with cheaper ones. Consider the above-mentioned tips and have a memorable wallet-friendly beach vacation.

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