7 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

7 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

Asia is the emerging economic hub of the world. Here world’s fastest developing countries are becoming the dynamo of the integrated global economy. This has many positive implications including many for the tourism sector. There are some very famous tourist destinations in Asia which have been counted as the most preferred ones when it comes to honeymoon packages. This is because along with being budget-friendly, the tourist destinations in Asia are relatively pristine and blessed with the best of nature’s bounty.

Below are the top seven holiday (honeymoon) destinations in Asia:

  1. Bali, Indonesia:

    This picturesque destination soaked in eye-pleasing blue colour looks no less than a paradise. One of the most attractive features of this island is its private beaches where romance buds up to flower in its most beautiful colours. You can take a quite stroll along the waterline with your sweetheart or both of you can simply indulge in a freewheeling chat. Lavish living spaces around lush rainforests can be the ideal living option for newly- weds. Some off the track recreation activities are going for a trek on high rise volcanoes or visiting an ancient temple.

  2. Maldives:

    Beach destinations are a hot favourite of newly-weds, so here we are with our second top pick- Maldives. Enjoy the lovely beach pleasures of Maldives along with relishing the delectable and rich Maldivian cuisine (especially beach food). We suggest that you can also add a dash of adventure by experiencing an adrenaline rush giving scuba diving or snorkelling session underwater. The star attraction in Maldives is floating bungalows which resemble soulful abodes drifting on heavenly waters.

  3. Thai Islands:

    Thai islands are very serene as regards their ambience and they are ideal for couples who want to relax in the lap of nature away from the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan city. If you fancy going to some exotic destination after tying the nuptial knot with your beloved then Thai islands should be your choice without any second thoughts. The couples who want to party can go to happening bars around to have a taste of a dazzling nightlife.

  4. Malaysian Borneo:

    Malaysian Borneo is popular for its natural beauty. The fame is such that people come from distant lands to witness the pure exuberance of green rainforests here. You will be surprised to know that Malaysian Borneo is one of the two places housing the remaining population of orang-utans on this earth. Local cultural treats and mesmerizing waterfalls descending as if they from heaven are some other things to look out for here.

  5. Sri Lanka:

    Sri Lanka, the South East Asian country is a unique honeymoon destination. With the right mix of culture, traditions, natural beauty, adventure, fun and entertainment, Sri Lanka is perfect place for couples who would like to have a mish- mash of all the experiences packed together in the most affordable way. Beach wonders as is the specialty of Asia is again the topmost attraction here.

  6. Kerala, India:

    The wonderful Kerala backwaters and hill stations are no far behind when it comes to giving one of the best honeymoon experiences in Asia. Houseboats floating on palm-fringed water give the feel of a romantic dream coming alive. Along with this, cosy and tranquil hill stations where your hotel will overlook a manicured tea estate will never fail to give you the much-required freshness. Cultural treats are a plus in Kerala as south Indian cuisine and excellent hospitality will make you go ga-ga over it.

  7. Dubai, UAE:

    No other phrase befits the beauty of Dubai better: a desert wonder and a hi-tech city. Here the majesty of high-rise towers is such that it is unparalleled as compared to any other city in the world. Burj Khalifa (tallest building in the world) perfectly represents the grandeur of this place. To put a cherry on the cake, adventure delight of a stimulating desert safari in Dubai serves the purpose. Also, special arrangements for a romantic dining in the unending desert will help you win the heart of your spouse.

So choose an India tour package to enjoy the holidays in Asia.

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