Delights of Driving Holidays Across UK

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Delights of Driving Holidays Across UK

With so many people opting to enjoy holidays in the UK these days, it’s perhaps not surprising to know so many overseas hoteliers and restaurant owners are looking to drop their prices at the moment. However, next summer there are likely to be even more vacationers choosing British destinations as opposed to the sun-kissed resorts of Europe.

The roads in the UK, although often congested during busy periods, provide relatively easy access to the major holiday areas. An extensive motorway network, as well as hundreds of dual carriageways and other A-roads, allows motorists to get from one end of the country to the other with a minimum of fuss.

Scotland – The Ideal Destination

Scotland - The Ideal Destination

Scotland – The Ideal Destination

One of the most popular regions for driving holidays is the west coast of Scotland. Visitors to the area are attracted by the spectacular seascapes and a wealth of beautiful villages and hamlets.

The scenery throughout is simply idyllic, and offers tourists an amazing selection of photo opportunities. Making arrangements for a driving holiday isn’t difficult, but it’s worth remembering there are a number of car accessories which will help to make the trip an even better one, and they can easily be purchased online or in stores.

It always pays to be prepared, because many parts of Scotland are quite isolated, so shops may be scarce.

Find your way around with ease

A great way to negotiate the quiet roads of western Scotland is to use a satellite navigation system. It’s so easy to enter a postcode into the unit, which will then tell you the optimum route you need to take. With a GPS system, being lost in rural areas in any part of the UK will now be a thing of the past.

Many people like to go cycling while they’re away, because it’s a great way to explore an area and to stay healthy at the same time. And while some tourists will rent bikes when they get to their destination, others will take them with them.

A top quality cycle rack can be bought from car accessory suppliers and can easily be installed on the roof.

Throughout Scotland, the tourist will find plenty of cafes, restaurants and pubs waiting to offer a friendly welcome. A cold drink or two could be the order of the day, accompanied by a delicious meal to leave you happy and healthy, and ready to take on the next leg of the trip.

Wanting to Stay A Bit Closer to London?

London - The Ideal Destination in UK

London – The Ideal Destination in UK

For those not wishing to take the huge journey from London to Scotland, then there is always the West Country – places such as Bath, Bristol, Exeter and even down to Cornwall. You can easily reach these destinations by the M5 and to get from London to Exeter without stopping can take only 3 hours driving.

However, you may  want to take a more scenic route and this could involve taking the A303 and going this route takes you past one of the most popular sightseeing tour attractions in the UK.

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With over a million visitors a year it is easy to understand why a Stonehenge tour is so popular, located just next to the A303 you will see it next to the road and don’t even have to pull into the car park as just driving past it you will see it in all its glory. However, for those that do wish to pull over there is new Visitor Centre that was open in December 2013 that can give you the entire history and debate on this ancient wonder of the world.

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