Five Money-Saving Tips for Dining in Destin, FL

Five Money-Saving Tips for Dining in Destin, FL

There’s no question about it, from the accommodations, to the meals, to transportation, and sightseeing, vacationing can be pricey. With that said, it’s always great to find ways you can save money and make your vacation a bit more affordable. For those who have booked a trip to the beautiful and sunny shores of Destin, FL, we’ve come up with some great ways that you can save money when it comes to your dining options.

Make Use of Online Directories

Because the majority of hotels seem to have free Wi-Fi in the United States, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to use your smart device while on vacation. What that means is that you can make use of an online directory that can help you learn about the various Destin restaurants available. The website is a great example of an online directory that can provide you with all kinds of information, not just for dining, but accommodation in Destin too.

The reason you want to use an online directory is because you can then check out the menu, pricing, and special deal/discount days they offer in advance of going there. You will find many restaurants offer daily deals, promotions, free meals for kids, etc., all of which will add up in the savings department. The online directory is usually able to point you in the direction of the restaurant’s web page and social media accounts for even more information.

Make Your Big Meal Lunch

Another way you can save money while dining in Destin is to mix things up and make your big meal of the day lunch. Lunch menus tend to be a bit cheaper than the dinner menu, even if they have the same items. As well, it can be less busy, making it easier to get a table so you can eat, and get back out to the beach.

Ask About Local Eateries

Rather than get caught up eating at all the big chain restaurants, and the tourist places, you may want to check at the front desk of your hotel and ask where the locals eat. They tend to know where all the best tasting, most reasonably priced meals are.

Don’t Eat Out Three Times a Day

Whenever possible, try not to eat out three times a day. Breakfast is usually a great meal to have in your room, and will save you from that expense. Simple things such as muffins, croissants, biscuits, and juice can easily be enjoyed in your room. You can just visit a local grocery store when you arrive and pick up what you need.

If you can’t eat in your room, then think about combining meals – brunch (breakfast and lunch) or lupper (supper and lunch).

Get Creative with Your Meals

In order to save money on dining, some advanced planning is required to find where the deals are. You’ll also want to get creative about the time of day you eat and how many times you’re eating out. While each of these tips may seem small, the savings will really add up by the end of your trip.

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