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Travel Related Articles – Guest Post Submissions

We accept travel related guest posts. You can submit a unique article and we will publish it along with a link back to your site, if the article meets the quality guidelines. Once the article is published we will send you the exact URL.

Before you send a guest post, please ensure…

  • The article is at least 600 words long.
  • It is unique, not submitted/published elsewhere.
  • It has an interesting Title that induces readers to read on
  • Articles deal with an idea, industry or information. No article that is promotional in nature of a company or a brand will be accepted.
  • Images when sent, need to be royalty free or you should have proper license or right to use.
Travel Axis

Travel Axis

We are an online travel portal that features travel related websites, guides and articles from an array of professional travel related companies and writers around the world. We are here to show you that it is possible to travel on a budget. This website will provide you tried and tested tips and advice from fellow travelers from all around the world for best locations, accommodations, restaurants and more.Not only we caught the travel bug long ago but it is our passion to help fellow travelers follow the same euphoria and help change people’s lives on this travel portal.
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