The Best Way to Experience London

The Best Way to Experience London

London is perhaps the most fashionable of all European capitals, and with a definite cosmopolitan feel, swinging London has much to offer the tourist. The City of London encompasses more than thirty boroughs, each with its own unique heritage, and with an efficient network of mass transport systems, getting around is easy.

Famous Sights

London tourist attractions are indeed many and varied, with a long list of historical buildings that are steeped in history. The British Empire was once controlled from this city, and the museums and art galleries contain fine works from many civilizations that fell under the Commonwealth’s control. The Tower of London and Buckingham Palace are both popular tourist venues, and each deserves enough time to appreciate what is on offer. One could spend two weeks touring London, and there would still be unseen places of interest, so one needs to prioritize, especially if time is not on your side.

Planning Your Trip

With such a wide range of things to see and do, spread over a large area, it makes sense to plan your holiday. By looking at the locations carefully, one can work out the easiest way to include all the desired places. The London Pass is something that every tourist should have, as it enables free travel on all of the transportation services in the city. Like any other western city, London is not cheap, and by using a travel pass, you can save money, which can be better used for souvenir buying at the end of the trip.

Dining Excellence

London restaurants are famed for fine service, and a range of cuisines is represented, so dining out in London is an absolute delight. Whether you prefer Mexican, Italian, or Far Eastern cuisine, you will not be disappointed. Southern European cuisine is also prominent, with Greek, Turkish, and Lebanese restaurants in abundance. Eating out is never cheap, especially in Europe, so it is nice to know that London Pass holders receive generous discounts at many eating establishments.


No trip to London would be complete without a shopping excursion, and London has everything from Harrods, to the markets in Camden and Kensington, allowing the tourist to take a little bit of British culture home. You’ll be pleased to hear that London Pass holders qualify for special discounts at a wide range of souvenir stores.

Unlimited Travel

The London Pass enables the tourist to explore at will, and with every tiny alley concealing cultural treasures, it makes for an exciting way to experience the city. The pass offers free travel on the tube, buses, and some river boats, enabling you to move around quickly and effortlessly. Other benefits include a special guide book, which gives information about the many attractions, allowing you to target more suitable venues.

London is a city to be experienced, and the best way to do that is by using the public transport systems. If you allow sufficient time, London can provide the ultimate holiday experience, with so much to see and do.

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