Things to do in Dubai for a Day

So you have arrived in Dubai with only a day’s time to spare, perhaps you are on your way to some other country and stopping through Dubai and learn to make the most of Dubai’s shopping, cuisine, outdoor and architectural marvels. Though there is so much to visit and enjoy in Dubai, short listing them for a day’s trip can be quite a task. The most time-efficient way to get around Dubai in one day is on a hop-on-hop-off sightseeing bus, but you can create your own journey and include some of the must-see attractions for which Dubai is renowned for.

  1. Morning Desert Safari

If you are in Dubai, you have to make a trip to the desert. An early morning journey to the deserts feels magical as there is a sense of calm and rush of excitement as you drive away from the city and watch the scene change from towering skyscrapers to nothing but golden desert sands. The excitement continues once you reach amid the desert where you can enjoy dune bashing, quad biking, camel riding and sand skiing. Travellers who are arriving at night in Dubai and have limited time can opt for the morning tour which is a short trip and gets over by 2 hours.

  1. Burj Khalifa

Taking architectural aspects to a whole new level, this engineering marvel which soars high above all other structures in Dubai, The Burj Khalifa has become the new face of Dubai. A trip to the tallest man-made structure in the world is a must do when you visit Dubai. The view from the outside is as mesmerising as the view you will witness from the top of Burj Khalifa’s observation deck. A high-speed elevator will take you up to a sprawling observatory deck from where you can enjoy a stunning bird’s eye view of this dynamic city overlooking the main landmarks of the city and world’s tallest fountain – the Dubai Fountain. You can later enjoy some great luxury fine dining and lounge experience amid unparallel views at the Atmosphere.

  1. Dubai Mall

Located just steps away from Burj Khalifa, is another world’s finest place to shop and have fun. The Dubai Mall is again Dubai’s aim at outdoing in innovation with class and is arguably the world’s largest shopping mall. But that’s not it; this shopping mall is a mega entertainment hub and has an aquarium with the world’s largest viewing panel, largest Aquarium tanks and fascinating marine marvels. The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo provide incredible close-encounter experiences with some exquisite marine creatures. An assortment of leisure recreational arenas gives you a world of thrill and entertainment such as the SEGA Republic, Dubai Ice Rink, KidZania and a universe of culinary delights is at your service where you can sample some of the finest cuisines from around the globe.  In short if you want to shop till you drop, eat at your heart’s desire and have fun like never before, Dubai Mall is the place to be.

  1. Dubai Souks

Get a different perspective on shopping where there are no hi-tech escalators, posh ambience, retail outlets with luxury brands and sophisticated cuisines. At Dubai Souks, indulge in a traditional simple shopping at age old thriving bazaars and enjoy authentic food as you walk along the streets of the markets. Take a ride in an Arabian traditional abra to view the changing vistas of the city before stepping into one of Dubai’s famous Souks. Whether you’re after some lavish gold jewellery, spices, hand-woven fabrics or traditional fragrances, the souks of Dubai has it all and at value for money prices. You are in for a treat as you meander along the streets of souks. Feast your eyes on glittering collection of gold and precious stones displayed along the walkways of Gold souks; take in the aromas as you enter the alleys of Spice souks and perfume souks and go shopping for colourful hand-woven fabrics at the Textile souks.

  1. Bastakia Quarters Old Dubai

Wander the laneways down to Dubai Creek and into the restored historical quarters of Old Dubai and you will be amazed as you realize that modern day Dubai’s city skyline has changed in leaps and bounds.  The old town of Dubai now houses charming art cafes, galleries and restaurants where once the quarters of wealthy merchants, the Bastakia Quarters are the last remaining glimpses of Dubai’s remarkable past. This ancient charming town also has the Dubai Museum housed in Al Fahidi Fort which showcases the early years of Dubai as a fishing village. Explore the past charms of Dubai here as you stroll around the lanes and discover the reminiscent of culture and times gone by.

  1. Jumeirah Beach

A stroll on the wide coastline of Dubai is a calming way to spend the day. Of the many beaches, Jumeirah Beach stands out to be a popular destination where tourist flocks over from around the world to soak up some sun.  Providing a stretch of white sandy beach lapped by the Arabian waters, the Jumeirah Beach provides lots of water and family activities, and services to relax. A great way to enjoy the Persian Gulf and also get a glimpse of some of the premium luxury hotels and resorts in Dubai lined up on the coast.

  1. Dubai Creek

A visit to Dubai Creek gives you a surreal sight of old and modern Dubai’s blend. As sophisticated as the modern Dubai looks, the old Dubai retains a warmth of simple living and historic charms. The best way to experience the Dubai Creek is on a cruise during the evenings when the city slowly ebbs into hushed tones and glittering lights giving you a memorable and serene ambience as you wonder on how Dubai has magnificently transformed when you look at the contrasting skyline. If you are on a visit as a couple, a Romantic Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai Creek and entertainment onboard is a nice way to spend the evening.

Though there is so much more to visit in Dubai, these amazing tourist spots round up as the best of city in the shortest time possible, giving you an insight into the marvels of Dubai from the perspective of its old world charm as well as its urban classiness.

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