Top 7 Tips to Private Rented Accommodation

A student needs professional guidance while looking out for a student accommodation. This is because; it is perhaps for the first time the student is looking out for private accommodation for living away from home. It is therefore quite expected that the student does not have the right amount of experience regarding how he should look for private rented accommodation that would be ideal for him to stay and also study. In other words, there should be availability of a good student guide to accommodation.

There are certain important decisions to be made before searching student accommodation actually starts. The student decisions usually revolve around on questions like where to live, what would be pay amount, who can one can share accommodation with and several other several questions. However, such hindrances or quite common and almost every student face such issues while looking out for good accommodation facilities. Apart from this issue there are also several important issues like the student safety. For instance, it has been found that the very risk of a fatal fire is about sixteen times more in the case of a shared house of three-storeyed or multi-storeyed high. So, basically a student has to consider several aspects of a student accommodation before he can actually finalize.

In case you are looking out for a good student’s guide to private accommodation, you may consider the following information as tips to look out for the best deal possible while selecting for right accommodation.

1) Letting Agents

Students are recommended to be cautious while dealing with various letting agencies. This is because; letting agencies are often involved into asking for exaggerated charges from tenants. The students are therefore required to inspect the charges that are charged for inflated credit reference fees, insurance fees, inventory fees, cleaning fees and checking out fees. Often students are naïve and they think that they do not have any choice but to actually pay up. Students are recommended to get in touch with letting agencies that provide the complete list of full costs. Always, these costs are always negotiable as for instance the cost required by the agency for undertaking credit check is quite low. In case, of excessive charges, students are advised to report to university office dealing with student accommodation. The students can also report to trading standards in case he finds that the charges asked are in excessive proportions. Also, students are to be made aware of the fact that they need not have to pay to the letting agents for just showing the properties.

2) Rent Negotiation

For students, perhaps the most challenging phase of searching and finalizing on an accommodated is the phase of rent negotiation. Students need not always have to agree with the rent that is being asked by the landlord. This is because; in most cases the rent that gets charged by the landlord is simply the asking price. It is quite common to ask or bid for a lower rental. Lately, the student accommodation rentals are falling and the landlord are required to pay comparatively lower price for mortgages. So, there is indeed no reason for students to be paying high prices for rents than that of previous year rental rates.

3) Rent out Property

The students are advised to inspect the property and premises carefully before they finalize. This is because, finalizing a property that has defects will have huge repair costs to be borne by students as a part of maintenance clause. So, during the inspection, students are advised to prepare for a student accommodation checklist while viewing it. Also, while inspecting rented property, the best way to judge the quality of the student accommodation is by entering into conversation with current tenants of the property. For instance, to what extent is the landlord is prompt to respond to the requirements of repairs made by the tenants.

4) Rent Contract

Entering into the rental contract is another major aspect of finalizing on rent accommodation. The students, who are entering into shared accommodation, make sure of the payment details. Issues often arise when one of the students leave while another student who is staying has to make for full rent. The students are also recommended to look for properties that are located within the vicinity of university and the general length of contact prevailing in these locations.

5) Rental Deposit

Student accommodation deposit clauses however might vary from one place to another. But it has been noted that in general, landlords are legally liable to safeguard the deposit amount by the tenants. This money is required to be placed in one of the three major government approved schemes. Within few days of receiving the rentable post-money, the landlord is required to inform students how they students can get back the deposit amount.

Once, the rental contract gets over, the student is required to give back the property. Considering the condition of the property any home contents (which is movable items in the building) will have wear and tear, the students will be getting back the rental deposit amount. In the case of a dispute regarding the amount of advance deposit to be paid back to the student, the student is open to avail for free rental disputes mechanism system.

6) Contents Inventory

The students when moving in are recommended to make a detailed list of contents. For instance, whether the toilet seat is in good condition or the carpet has any holes or not. Once the list is made, both the tenant who in this case is a student and the landlord has to sign the Contents Inventory. Each of the parties is then required to keep a photocopy of the rental contract paper with each of them. In the case of any verbal agreements like repairmen of furniture, it has to be converted into a written one. Also, the written agreement has to be dated by the letting agent or the landlord.

7) Moving In

Each of the student moving in who are entering into shared student accommodation is required to share rooms and also related responsibilities. For instance, students would generally be sharing electricity, pipe gas and water bills. The students are recommended not to be soft towards the flatmates seem to be dopey. Usually, landlords have the legal obligation of providing tenants with Gas Safety Certificate. The students should also make sure that all the gas oven, electrical appliances in the student accommodation are under inspection for every 12 months. The electrical equipment’s are also to be tested for safety before moving in.

Looking out for and then zeroing down to the right accommodation for a student is indeed quite difficult. So, the best way to move ahead is by moving ahead systematically and in a step by step process. The last and perhaps the most important tip before searching for a rented student accommodation is to at first look out for an authentic and useful  student’s guide to student accommodation.

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