Travel Agents vs. DIY Travel Booking – Which is a Better Option for You?

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Travel Agents vs. DIY Travel Booking

Few years ago, travel agents appeared to become extremely popular as online booking options flourished in our nation. But businesses have been booming and the scenario is also changing. According to the American Society of Travel Agents, around 75% of its members say that transactions, revenues and total number of clients rose in the first half of 2012 as compared to the same time of the year in 2011. There are many travelers who are again returning back to the travel agents after meeting some of the most disappointing DIY (Do It Yourself) results with online ticket booking.

There are many such travelers who have scoured the web for the best travel deals but they are of the opinion that their travel agents have always surpassed their price and given them even better deals. The agency alerts travelers about local customs that are held abroad and helps them set up their tours at some of the most popular sites. Being faced with innumerable choices for hotels, flights, tours, car rentals, there are many consumers who are gradually dumping the DIY approach.

Too many travel products to decipher on your own – Benefits of using a travel agent

With time, more and more travelers are realizing the fact that it is pretty tough for them to decipher the wide plethora of options when it comes to travel products and services. Here are some reasons you should consider booking your next trip with a travel agent.

  • Save Time:

    When you’re working with a travel agent, he can save your time by comparing thousands of hotel and flight options and find you the best possible rate. There’s so much information on the web and you just need someone experienced who can derive sense out of it.

  • Save Money:

    There are some people who shy away from seeking help of using a travel agent just because they will be charged with some extra fees for their services. Although some agents charge you additional fees, most of them earn their commission from the travel supplying companies

  • Help you Build the Trip:

    There are times when you don’t exactly know what you want from a trip. The job of the travel agent is to offer you with wide options that they think you would enjoy. Hence, they not only help you with booking the trip but they also build the entire trip on your behalf.

  • Valuable Connections:

    You should never underestimate the power of your travel agent as he has indeed got some excellent connections. They might help you get in touch with a tour guide and also helpful people you can reach out to when you face any problems. You just get an overall satisfactory customer service experience when you work with a travel agent.

  • Customized Service:

    The travel agent is the one who can listen to all your needs, dreams and wants for your perfect trip. We usually take what we hear and then we create a dream plan that we wish to materialize while traveling. Whether it’s a business trip or a honeymoon vacation or a long overdue vacation, it is definitely better to consult a travel agent, but an experienced one who has your best interests in mind. They take care of every aspect of your trip while you can focus on your desired aims.

Hence, if you’re planning your next trip, you need not think twice about getting help of a travel agency. There are many such travel agencies that offer you the best discounts and rebates on business class and first class ticket fares with different airlines companies.

Author Bio:

This article has been written by Sam Cohen. He is a travel freak who simply loves to visit the world and then share his experience on different destinations with the eager readers. He also participates in different travel blogs and forums and hence has gathered enough knowledge on the ways of snapping a discount deal on flight tickets.

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