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Florence: The Perfect Adventure

There is an endless amount of ways to experience Florence: you can walk, bike, bus, ride a Vespa or even use a Segway to take in the sites of this amazing city. BookCityTours.com offers one of the biggest selections of tours in Florence, taking into account the preferences of culture aficionados, fashion history buffs, adventure-seekers, wine connoisseurs and foodies. Anything and everything you set your mind to do and see while in Florence (within reasonable limits, of course!) is only a click or two away.

Florence itself, of course, hardly needs an introduction. A tourist favorite for centuries, Florence is the capital of the Italian region of Tuscany. Today it is a large multicultural city, yet five hundred years ago it was the birthplace of the Renaissance and the opera.

If you wish to see for yourself where the Renaissance movement came to be, sign up for the “Secrets of Florence” tour and explore the largest and best-preserved Renaissance city in the world. In this walking tour, your local guide will take you around the hidden gems that have helped shape Florence into the landmark it is today.

For all the wine connoisseurs among us, the Chianti Wine Tour is the perfect opportunity to see for yourself the Tuscan countryside where the famous Chianti grapes are grown and made into one of the most lauded wines in the world. Find your favorite vintage during a relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable wine-tasting at a rustic villa.

If you need a break from the crowds that inevitably come with bustling city life, the Cinque Terre Discovery tour is your go-to countryside experience. This panoramic corner of Italy is popular among both locals and visitors for its beautiful beaches and beachside towns, hiking opportunities, and, of course, the delicious food that you have to experience to believe. Of course, you could always pick up some tricks of the trade of Tuscan-style food making yourself in a Tuscan cooking class where you will be able to learn for yourself how to make authentic Tuscan antipasti such as bruschetta and pasta from scratch. We also recommend you pick up some locally produced world-famous Tuscan olive oil to take back home!

Finally, no Florentine adventure is truly complete without a meander along the Arno River on a traditional gondola. Not only is this leisurely cruise a perfect way to see beautiful Florence from the rare yet extraordinary perspective of the Barchetto (one of only four such wooden oar-powered boats left in Florence!), the tour concludes with an enjoyable Aperitivo with a cool glass of Prosecco prior to disembarking in celebration of your mesmerizing Florentine experience.

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