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Musical Pilgrimage Through Flights to New York

New York has been the birthplace of many of the music world's most important modern movements. While New York offers a wealth of attractions for the tourist and sightseer, it can be regarded as something of a Mecca for devotees of hip hop, jazz and blues music, to name but three of the important genres which were significantly developed or wholly invented in the city. With flights to New York now offered by a variety of providers such as Dialaflight, a visit to the Big Apple on a musical pilgrimage is now possible on a budget.

Throughout the 20th Century, New York was important for not just the creative side of development when it comes to modern musical forms, but also the business side of the industry. Many European jazz stars took flights to New York to play concerts at the world class venue, Carnegie Hall. Carnegie Hall first became famous for the excellent acoustics that allowed breathtaking renditions of classical music by the likes of the New York Symphony Orchestra. Carnegie Hall was built in 1891, and since being extensively renovated between 1983 and 1995 has gone on to host around 250 shows each year. The list of giants of popular and jazz music that have played legendary performances at Carnegie Hall include Benny Goodman, Billie Holiday, and Duke Ellington, as well as the Beatles, Beach Boys, and Pink Floyd. Those taking flights to New York with a view to taking in a performance at this world famous venue should make sure to book tickets well in advance of arriving in the city, as it is common for shows to sell out quickly after tickets are released.

The Lincoln Center for Performing Arts boasts the accolade of being the largest centre for the performing arts in the world, and is definitely the place to go for lovers of ballet, as well as hosting the Lincoln Center Theatre, Jazz at the Lincoln Center, and performances by New York Philharmonic and Metropolitan Opera.

The Afro-American and Latino youth of New York basically invented Hip Hop culture and rap music in the 1970's, and while Hip Hop music can now be described as a global form, New York remains the home of the movement. It was the block parties of the Bronx area of the city that were the breeding ground for fledging rap music, although as the music developed in the 1980's and 1990's, genre leading acts came from all over New York, such as Public Enemy (Long Island), Naz (Queens) and the Wu Tang Clan (Staten Island). While rap music aficionados may wish to visit some of these areas, it is worth taking up to date local tourist advice before planning to travel, as some areas remain crime hot spots.




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