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Swing by Sweden this Summer!

Ok, so you may not think that Sweden is a typical holiday destination, as it isn't exactly famous for its hot temperatures – however the scenery and its culture are absolutely worth your visit. If you love snow and you love to ski, then Sweden has many mountains for you to explore. With few people on the slopes, in Sweden you won't endlessly be waiting in the queues and neither will you constantly be surrounded by other tourists. But also the summers in Sweden are absolutely stunning; with a beautiful coast where you can stock up on as much vitamin D as you can, considering on a typical summer's day you can get over 18 hours of sunlight! This means that you have much more time for sightseeing as well; visiting Sweden is therefore well-worth your time.

The main destination that you have to consider visiting is the capital. Stockholm has a population of around 870,000, which makes this the most populated city in Sweden. Visit the Old Town, which was built from the 13th century onwards. The Old Town (Gamla Stan) is one of the city's earliest settlements, where you can see some impressive architecture. Walking through the streets in the Old Town, you really do sense its great history! There are many waterways in this city and also many green luscious parks. It is home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the "Royal Palace Drottningholm" and the "Skogskyrkogarden". The "Riddarholmskyrkan" is the oldest building in this city, and after it was set on fire it was completely rebuilt in a baroque style.

Stroll by the "Norrmalmsregleringen" region to see the ever so high office towers that contribute greatly to Stockholm's skyline. Go to a few of the museums that Stockholm has to offer, such as the "National museum" – which has Sweden's largest art collection – and the "Nordic Museum"- which is entirely dedicated to only Swedish culture. Internationally Sweden is well-respected for having produced so many great fashion- and interior designers as well as many pop-music writers, producers and artists. There really exists an atmosphere of creativity in this city.

So when you're in Stockholm do not forget to do some shopping. Acne for example, which has its flagship store in the centre of Stockholm on the square of Norrmalmstorg, is a popular Swedish clothing brand that I believe truly exhibits this country's great sense of style. A good reason for visiting this shop is simply that you can get Acne clothes at much cheaper prices than you could anywhere else in Europe or London.

Finding a place to stay in Stockholm may be problematic, especially if you want to find somewhere affordable. You could always rent a flat for your holiday here instead of booking into an extremely expensive hotel. This way you are able to save money and see more of the places you want during your stay in Sweden's capital.



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