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The Advantages of UK Holidays

UK Holidays have been rediscovered by many in recent years as an affordable way to enjoy a hassle free holiday. It may come as a surprise that tourism is quite a large sector of the economy, and as such there is a good range of accommodation on offer for UK holidays, from hotels and B & Bs to the holiday parks run by operators like Park Resorts. The cost of taking a holiday abroad has increased in recent years thanks to the exchange rate commanded by the ailing Sterling, which goes part of the way to explaining the resurgence in popularity of UK holidays. However, there are several other reasons that many people are now choosing to take at least one of their annual holidays in Britain.

To start with, a reduction in the travel time needed to get to the venue for many UK holidays is a welcome relief. With the unpredictable spectre of volcanic ash clouds again threatening holiday flights abroad this year, the ability to drive straight to your accommodation is definitely appealing. Cancellations due to events like ash clouds are often not covered by holiday insurance, resulting in expensive let-downs. If you are flying within mainland U.K, you usually have the option of alternative transport via rail or car. Those with small children will be all too aware of the potential nightmare of having to sit out lengthy delays in an airport, and so the flexibility of car travel is a definite advantage.

Taking U.K. holidays also, to a large extent, cuts down the language barrier – if not entirely removing it! The price of goods and services is more predictable, so it is easier to budget for the trip. Returning to the issue of children, being able to easily find the same products that you are used to at home, whether these are nappies or baked beans, can also avoid some of the hassle often encountered when holidaying abroad.

The increasing sophistication of the facilities in the U.K. when it comes to outdoor pursuits and sports is also a big draw for many. Britain is home to some truly breathtaking terrain, including some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Perhaps unsurprisingly, with world class mountains come world class mountain biking facilities. Fort William in Scotland, for instance, is home to one of the stages of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, with the runs and tracks open to the public pretty much all year round when not in use for competition. Fort William is easily reachable by both road and rail, and provides views of landscape and loch that are also truly world class.





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