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Being encircled by the oceans on all the 3 sides (the Pacific Ocean in the East, the Indian Ocean in the South, and the Atlantic Ocean in the North), Asia is a highly populated continent with some amazing travel destinations. Some great tourist destinations like Thailand, Chengdu, Kawasaki, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and India can boost your adrenaline rush and love for nature. No wonder, you might be searching for Asia travel websites online to book your next trip! But an all-inclusive travel portal like Travel Axis can ease the whole process.

Travel Axis is a resourceful Asia travel directory that has an official travel website for Kawasaki city, a guide to Bangkok, Thailand travel information, hotel and accommodations in Chengdu, China, details on famous travel destinations in India, sources for finding travel details of Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur travel guide, and the marketplace for private Thailand trips and experiences with real locals.

Our Asia travel web directory not just offers amazing holiday deals but guides for various destinations in Asia. We have many leading travel online resources that offer guides on different travel-related services. So, stay connected to enjoy more benefits!

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    Sites Listing:

    • Discover Kawasaki - Kawasaki City: Official tourism website for Kawasaki City, located in the greater Tokyo area with variety of tourist attractions, shopping areas, special events, and accommodations in Kawasaki, Japan.
    • Chengdu Hotels China: Detail information and ranking of hotels in Chengdu, China. Also includes guidebook, phrasebook and local guide with hotel booking.
    • Thailand Travel Pages: APLLC Travel Pages, owned by Asia Products, provides Thailand travel information, Thai travel tips, Thai products and more.
    • Bangkok Travel Guide - Guide to Bangkok the capital of Thailand and gateway to Asia. Includes information on Bangkok airport.
    • With Locals - Thailand Private Tours: The marketplace for private tours and experiences with real locals.
    • Kuala Lumpur Travel & City Guide - Travel Puppy: Kuala Lumpur travel guide with info on tourist attractions, nightlife, restaurants, hotels, maps and more.
    • Source to find travel information of Indonesia including places guides with google map, backpacker tips, hotel information, news, events of indonesian art culture festival and more.
    • Bharat Heritage: Provides information on popular destinations in India with resources on fairs & festivals, wildlife, excursion, adventure and more.
    • Source to find hotel reviews, ratings and hotel guide for different destinations in India.
    • India Travel: Indian Travel Destination is a leading Travel online resource that provides all types of travel related services such as heritage Tour, Pilgrimage Tour, Adventure Travel and many more.

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