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Singapore has become one of the popular travel destinations in Asia. There are many Singapore travel websites that can arrange local trips to visit the tourist attractions and sights of Singapore. Moreover, they can arrange an advanced trip to neighboring nations like Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. Every year, many Singaporeans also travel abroad for pleasure or business. So, whether it’s an inbound travel company or an outbound tour agency, you can find the right one in our Singapore travel directory.

Travel Axis is a renowned Singapore travel web directory that has come up with some links to travel companies that are specialized in tour services in Singapore. These agencies provide premier travel services in cruises, regional beach getaways, club med holidays, global hotel bookings, coaches, theme parks, overseas package trips, air-ticketing, a guide to hotel accommodation, local trips, entertainment, food, shopping, offbeat vacation trips, and Muslim tours.

So, if you want to plan premium Singapore trips at cost-effective rates, follow the websites we have listed below:

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Friendly Planet

Friendly Planet

Offers customized travel packages to Singapore to individual, groups and corporates. Website features comprehensive information on sight seeing places in Singapore. Singapore is a small yet fascinating country full of ancient history, neon lights, aromatic street food and ornate neighborhoods.

Sites Listing:

  • Monster Day Tours: Specialized in tour services, provides insight of the culture and history of Singapore. Offers private tours and the biggest free walking tours in the country.
  • Chan Brothers: They exist in the industry for past 50 years, tour operators offering off-the-beaten-track unusual vacations and Muslim tours. Provides widest choice of destinations from the mainstream to the exotic ones. Specializing in club med holidays and regional beach getaways.
  • WTS Travel: Travel Agency in Singapore that offers premier travel services in Cruises, Overseas Package Tours, Worldwide Hotel Reservations, Air-ticketing ,Theme parks and Coaches.
  • CTC Travel: CTC are the travel agencies operating tours worldwide and has network with hotels, tourism offices and embassies all over the world. Offers services such as Outbound Group Tours, Package Tours, Worldwide tours, Free and Easy tours.
  • EU Asia: Specialist Asian travel agency in Singapore, offering package tours with unbeatable value. They never compromise on customer service. Provides premium tours at affordable prices.
  • Provides information for visitors on hotel accommodation, shopping, food, entertainment and local tours.

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