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An online travel guide to find information about health and safety concerns in international travel.

Better Health

Better Health

Provides health and medical information to improve the health and wellbeing of people.

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  • Sydney Yelow Fever - Vaccinations for Travel: Yellow fever vaccination clinic located in Sydney, Australia. Offers a complete health and medical service for travellers to areas where yellow fever vaccination is required. Includes information on yellow fever vaccine and certificate.
  • Flight Health: Providing independent, clear and concise information about preventing flight health problems such as DVT, flight stress, jet lag and cosmic radiation.
  • Oxygen To Go: Providing portable oxygen equipments for travelers depending on supplemental oxygen.
  • Total Travel Clinic: Providing comprehensive travel health service for clients and offering holiday travel vaccinations, injections, accessories and advice on travel related issues at competitive prices.
  • Masta Travel Health: Providing professional travel health advice, information and tips on disease prevention for travelers online.
  • Travel Safely: Healthcare provider located throughout United States, providing safety information on malaria and hepatitis.
  • Traveler's Health: Offering information to travelers and their health care providers in deciding the vaccines, medications to prevent illness and injury during international travel.
  • Sara: Established in wake of Semester at Sea accident, dedicated to promote international travel safety for students.
  • Travel Doctor: Established in 1987, largest individual suppliers provides travel medicine and vaccination services through Australia, New Zealand and SE Asian clinics.
  • TravMed Long Island: Providing immunizations including prescriptions for malaria prophylaxis and traveler’s diarrhea, as well as personal protective measures against mosquitoes, ticks and sandflies.
  • Travel Health Help: Provides travelers with information, as well as preventative care for their health, safety and well-being while traveling overseas.

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