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Many people look for peace and rejuvenation as they lead a hectic life daily. The spa industry is made around the concept of promising to reduce the stress, triggers, and temptations of your daily living and help you become a better person inside out. If you want to experience a rejuvenating spa session handled by a trained spa specialist, you must look into the spa websites listed on our spa directory.

Spa sessions are the ideal retreats for your mind, soul, and body. From our spa web directory, you can book various spa services incorporating hydrotherapy, massage, facial, holistic treatments, acupuncture, Chinese massages, and hand and foot therapies. People having different health issues can pick different health spa services like holistic and therapeutic massages, reflexology, meditation, and healing.

Furthermore, we have listed some luxury spa resorts that provide a world of rejuvenation, calm, and relaxation to boost a more balanced lifestyle. Also, there is a detailed online guide available for spa enthusiasts to help them choose the day and stay spa destinations. This is high time to find your inner sense and revitalize your soul, mind, and body. Just browse through our directory and book a spa service online!

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Angsana Resorts and Spas

Angsana Resorts and Spas

Accommodates online bookings for day spa destinations in Australia, India, Maldives, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and Morocco.

  • 211 Upper Bukit Timah Road Singapore 588182

    Sites Listing:

    • Beacon Hill Northumberland: Located in Northumberland on a 350 acre farm, offers luxurious cottages with spa facilities.
    • Angsana: Book online for perfect retreat for mind, body and soul in Australia, India, Maldives, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and Morocco.
    • Canyon Ranch: Destination spa located in Massachusetts, Arizona and Florida, offering fitness and wellness programs as well as gourmet meals.
    • Whistler Spa: Offering a variety of spa services like massage, hydrotherapy, holistic treatments, facials, hand and foot treatments and Chinese massages and acupuncture.
    • The Oaks at Ojai: Features California health spa, exercises and the therapies.
    • Grail Springs: Located in the heart of the Ancient Granite Highlands in Ontario, offering wide variety of services like healing, meditation, reflexology, holistic and therapeutic massages.
    • Luxury spa resorts found in the rural areas of Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire and Hampshire providing a world of relaxation and calm to enhance a more balanced lifestyle.
    • Spa Index: Comprehensive online guide to spa enthusiasts in selecting day and stay spa destinations.
    • Ananda Spa: Located in the serene foothills of the Himalayas, ultimate spiritual pathway to discover inner sense and revitalize mind, body and soul.
    • Ubud Sari: Providing holistic health care and stress reducing activities in a healthful and spiritual setting.
    • AquaTerre: Located in the central Island community of Parksville, British Columbia, Canada, offering variety of treatments for men and women.

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