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Do you need travel inspiration through publications travel websites and online magazines? Then you must browse our publications travel directory that inspires cruising, adventure, wellness, and more. The resources listed in this segment of our directory offers online magazines that give detailed information regarding island travel, family trip, adventure trip, cultural tour, and so forth. Moreover, there are hotel reviews, packing lists, tour trips, useful articles, destination guides, etc.

If you are going to travel with toddlers and babies, our publications travel web directory is the right place to look into. There are online travel magazines with details on babies’ days out, group trips, museums and entertainment. Also, there are travel magazines specializing in images and stories of global destinations, multilingual travel data for prime international destinations, etc.

In case you need food-related reviews online, daily tourism news, a worldwide collection of spa hotels, luxury hotels, and golf hotels with reviews and guides by expert travel writers. You can browse these websites and subscribe to their travel magazines and stay tuned for more travel-related details. Such magazines work great for independent tourists.

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Online magazine for travelers, explorers, adventurers and nomads. Provides comprehensive information about cultural travel, adventure travel, family travel, Island travel and more.

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    Sites Listing:

    • Unique Magazines: Offers magazine subscriptions to top travel magazines, check out their website and take out a magazine subscription today!
    • The Family Vacation Guide: Whether you want to vacation in the US or travel overseas, The Family Vacation Guide is the ultimate resource to help to discover the best destinations that the whole family is sure to enjoy. Provides resource on best family resorts, must-visit beaches, attractions and all of the inspiration you need to plan and book your next trip.
    • Have Baby Will Travel: Provides all the required information needed for traveling with babies & toddlers. Includes hotel reviews, destination information, useful articles, travel tips and packing lists.
    • Gourmet Voyageurs: Magazine featuring photos of luxury hotels, top restaurants, inns and other up scale travel and food related reviews.
    • The Pass: Online travel magazine with information on group travel, days out, entertainment and museums in the UK.
    • India Travelpedia: A travel destination and food guide website.
    • Travel Matters: Based in the United States Avalon travel publishes range of travel guidebook series, include Moon Handbooks, Rick Steves, Road Trip USA, Travel Smart and more.
    • A travel magazine specializing in stories and photographs of international destinations. Publication is made in canada.
    • World Hum: A source for variety of travel stories around the world with travel narratives, reviews, and links to travel media.
    • Travel Weekly: Provides latest UK and international travel industry and tourism news and information with an online archive of travel trade stories.
    • Visitor Guide Publishing: Offers travelers multilingual travel information for major international destinations in the U.S.
    • Travel Intelligence: Offer an global collection of luxury hotels, spa hotels and golf hotels with reviews by professional travel writers.
    • Travelodium: Online travel club and magazine catering for independent travelers, including ideas on cheap travel and discount hotels.
    • Travel Watch Articles: Offers daily news service, articles, features, and reviews.

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