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Provides instant French translation which Includes text, document, website translation and more.

  • 5 rue Feydeau - 75002 Paris - FRANCE

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    • Offers French language related products and information including movies, tutorials, dictionaries, books, and more.
    • French Language Guide: Source to find French language information. Includes resource on Frech language dictionary, grammar, history, pronunciations, vocabulary, culture and more.
    • Busuu: Provides online language learning, offering courses in 12 different languages on web and mobile to more than 100 million learners worldwide.
    • E-Learning French: Offers online French lessons, you will be able to learn to speak French by listening to French words, French phrases and French dialogues. Provides French courses for online
    • Lets Talk India: Offers different language courses like corporate training, group training , also provides e-book you will also have access to online course materials and more.
    • The Language House: Is a language teaching Institution In Navi, Offers Specialized Foreign Language Training Courses Such As German, French, Japanese, Spanish and English.
    • Britannica: Gives you detailed examination of the French language in its written and spoken forms.
    • All Language Resources: Offers Free online French courses they are almost 27 best online French courses available, helps you building vocabulary and teaching grammar concepts and more.
    • Must Go: Get to learn and read about the French language, its dialects, Structure, Writing and Alphabet.
    • Thoughtco: This is a reference site with 20+ year focus on expert-created education content, which includes science and math, humanities and religion, or architecture and the arts, our in-depth articles, written by literature writers, Ph.D.s, and experienced instructors, are designed to give you the answers and information you need in a clear, easy-to-navigate format.
    • French Today: They use various method, which helps you to learn French that is relevant and modern, and build up the confidence to interact in day-to-day conversations.
    • French Courses Oxford: Offers french language courses with native speaker qualified trainers.
    • Learn French: Provides resource on french language and helps in learning and speak french. Includes online courses, grammer, dictionaries and more.

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