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  • Russian An online language guide offers free Russian language lessons with sound samples. Includes grammar, vocabulary, alphabet, verbs, pronunciation and exercises.
  • Offers Russian language lessons, useful vocabulary words and phrases, pronunciation, grammar and links to websites about the Russian language. For both novice and advanced students of Russian.
  • Amlingua - English to Russian Translation Service: Offers English-Russian and Russian-English translations by native speaking Russian translators. Includes translation of technical, business and personal documents, websites and much more.
  • Russian Lessons: Learn Russian online with our free Russian language lessons. Includes Russian audio, grammar, vocabulary, alphabet, verbs, pronunciation and exercises.
  • Yandex. Translate: Offers online service that translates words, phrases, whole texts, and entire websites from Russian into English and wise versa, Knows not just Russian and English, but 98 other languages as well.
  • Must Go: Read about the Russian language, its dialects and find out different languages where it is originated and spoken. Learn about the structure and get familiar with the alphabet and writing.
  • Russian For Free: Provides online course of Russian language. We have created 14 lessons for you to discover this wonderful language, so you can have a basic details of the Russian language in the least possible time
  • Langma School Of Language: Langma school of languages is providing inhouse Russian language training at your doorstep. Offers Language training to both individuals and corporate house.
  • Coursera: Learn Other Languages with online Languages Specializations, provides professional certificates for jobs. Courses include recorded auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, video lectures, and community discussion forums.
  • Linguistics: Gives you information about the origins of the Russian language, a brief overview of origins, details of the written language and historical reflexes.

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